We are on a Mission to Promote Conversations

Why We Exist:
Despite all the technology that aims to connect people, it is as hard as ever to reach other professionals. Whether you are a new entrepreneur, small business, self-publishing author, or a freelancer, you have expertize that some audience out there is hungry for. We help you reach that audience.


Public Benefit

Keetro.org has a social mission. We are not a marketing agency - we aspire to benefit our members to build a better society.

In-person Connections

Through professional events and networking opportunities, Keetro.org seeks to resolve the issues of isolation created by the abundance of technology in our modern world.

Creating Career Opportunities

We recruit highly skilled candidates into our marketing program and train these future ambassadors in event marketing. Often these candidates have limited career advancement opportunities into a marketing career.


Our advisors are industry experts when it comes to Marketing/Sales through Data and Automation

Pavel Dmitriev
Pavel Dmitriev
VP of Data Science, Outreach.io
Segah Mir
Segah Mir
Early Employee At Looker Data Sciences (sold to Google Cloud for $2.6B)
Mike Holt IOIntegration
Mike Holt
CEO & CMO, IOIntegration