Anyone can find an audience

Start Conversations

Create an event, sponsor your idea, start something


Define the peer group for this exclusive event and create a one of a kind experience

What is

Keetro™ is an events platform for creators. It is a new way start professional conversations with your target audience.

We bring together marketers, event planners, and sponsors, to organize exclusive professional events. Be that a luncheon, a roundtable, or a cocktail party, our members make it happen.

“ helped me find an audience for my ideas. I just showed up and met people who believed in my talent to deliver a product.”
George De la Cruz
Mechanical Engineer

An exercise in collaboration

Our vision is for strong professional communities in which individual members are active participants and take charge of their own agenda. We bridge the noise of modern informational overload, and help streamline practical connections to help our members meet other relevant professionals.

Community Leader?

Provide perks to your community 

Offline Engagement

We bridge the digital noise through real world connections. Meet other experts or decision makers and learn directly from each other.

Digital Platform

Events that used to be possible only at large scale, can now be done for as few as 10 people. And every important idea gets to see daylight.

On-Demand Coordination

A faster process for coordinating execution, lowers the barrier to running successful events for ideas, pushing new and unconventional.