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What is

Keetro™ is a Non-Profit that believes in promoting meaningful conversations and expertise of individuals.

We make it easy to find event marketing specialists to help realize your vision. Be that a luncheon, a roundtable, or a cocktail party, we make it happen.

Helping Professionals make Real Face-to-Face Connections

Let's face it, we are all spending more time conversing over email and other digital forms; despite the technology, it is a lot harder to meet people in-person. The world has gotten noisier - best ideas no longer reach relevant audiences. Quality of ideas don't matter as much as automation of sales and marketing. We are trying to change that...

Human Resources

We deliver trained talent, not another product that needs managing.

Managed Technology

Our event Automation workflows make it easier for you to host smaller events.

On-Demand Coordination

Specialized age needs specialized solutions. We don't pitch strategy. We offer only what's needed.

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